The Trend That Keeps on Rising

Last time I posted I touched upon what I think is one of the fastest growing trends out there – the men’s grooming niche.

Every year the general consensus seems to be the same. I hear so many people say things like ‘Oh this beard fad, it won’t last long’, or ‘My son’s started growing a beard, but I bet you he’ll shave it off within the year’.

I’m afraid to say that I have some unsettling news for all the doubters out there….Beards are here to stay.

Many people think that this trend is a bubble, and that at some point we are destined to hit ‘peak beard’. This is not a bad theory, and is actually one that is routed in science.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that one of the main contributing factors that is driving this rise in beard growth is how men want to appear to opposite sex. In other words, how they want to make themselves standout and therefore appear more desirable to the average woman.

beard trend

When facial hair first started coming back into fashion this made a lot of sense. Back then your average man didn’t have facial hair. When one came along that did, they stood out from the crowd and where hence perceived as unique and different to women.

We have to bear in mind though, that eventually this will come full circle. At some point, so many men will be sporting facial hair, that in order to look unique and different your best chance would be being clean shaven!

Personally, I would have thought that we’d be getting close to that moment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Buying trends for beard related products seem to be rising each and every year, and at quite an exceptional rate.

I thought leading up to this Christmas that my nephew may ask for something different, but lo and behold he’s asked for another grooming product. This time he’s asked for some scented beard conditioning oil. Like I have a pretty reputable brand in mind, and getting my hands on some will be fairly straight forward.

So in conclusion, I am of the opinion that this trend is well and truly here to stay. Let me know if you think otherwise.