What drives a trend?

Economic theory and the study thereof show the realistic factors that drive any trend in the market. As reliable as those may be the understanding of what pushes a trend doesn’t necessarily help a regular consumer or a small time business owner when those numbers aren’t exactly something readily available to them in most cases but at the same time even with these in mind these people aren’t really in a position to influence the market drastically as they clearly know.

Given this understanding of the market it would seem at first glance that we stand in a position of relative powerlessness as far as dictating or even predicting trends but there are other factors at play of course. In the modern world of the internet and social media it may not come as a surprise to many of you but there have been certain markets and products that explode in popularity seemingly out of nowhere. But therein lies the beauty of it all because despite the surface level understanding that it came out of nowhere the signs were all there we just didn’t know what to look for.

Luxury markets are becoming more and more of a major player in the global industry not necessarily because the world is getting richer as a whole or anything near that optimistic. The reality is just that we live in an era where the pursuit of material wealth is no longer as it was before. It’s kind of become a pursuit of wealth in the name of keeping appearances. You want people to know you’ve got it and in the past that was a matter of brand recognition, you all know what I mean it was a matter of owning all the best products. The fact is that now seeing as we can see people across in just a few clicks the brand their wearing only really gets mentioned in advertisements and celebrity interviews. The state of things has been beneficial for skincare products and theĀ  beauty industry as a whole. So let’s see where vanity takes us and the industry.