Localisation and Pandemics

Hey everyone, how are we all going? Never mind, I know you can’t answer that! Maybe you can let me know that you’re okay in the comments. I wanted to talk today about localisation as a trend- I’ve been living in England for a few years, and I’ve noticed a real shift toward British made products, from skincare to clothes, to food. Maybe it’s because of Brexit, or the pandemic, but I’m interested to know if that happened overseas as well. So I did some digging.

I found this report by Mint Life that found that 70% of Americans shop small. If I’m honest, that number baffled me. We know the US as a land of excess, with huge chains that dominate the market, but now you’re telling me that almost 230 million people prioritise local sellers? The report also says that 80% of Americans look for one-click buys and same-day delivery, a service that smaller businesses just don’t have the means to do. Or not to the scale of Amazon. What didn’t surprise me with this report was the statement that Millennials and Gen Z shoppers are the most conscious of making ethical shopping choices, by doing what they do best… staying online!

Looking at the Australian market, the trend towards lowering their reliance on imported waves started before the pandemic. Although all things considered, it certainly helped widen the gap. It’s interesting to note that as a more isolated country, the impact to many company’s supply chains could have been drastic, and shopping local can be a safeguard for the consumer’s convenience and assured supply, as well as an effort to support the local economy and sustainable products.

But finally we get back to the UK. If you’ve found yourself amongst the many typing something like neck cream UK into google, then don’t feel alone. It’s completely normal, and I would encourage it! I have some friends, who after losing their jobs due to the pandemic, started creative business selling homemade crafts. I bought something, and only want the best for them. That kind of consumer behaviour also means there’s more transparency for the supply chains so you can be assured that the products will be good quality. Plus, there are some great brands coming out of the woodwork here. Proximity to Europe helps with sourcing, or at least that’s what my research suggests, and the value on arts in this country is unrivalled in the western hemisphere.

So, drop your opinions and life updates in the comments, I can’t wait to read them!