It’s Still Here

The trend that keeps on rising is showing absolutely no signs of abating. What started as what looked like a passing fad is well and truly here to stay.

I want to now talk about a slightly different aspect of the men’s grooming trend – and that is starting out. Some people find it incredibly difficult to make that leap and begin growing out their facial hair.

In this post I hope to assuage any of your skepticism or feelings of discontent, and prove to you that anyone (well not anyone, most women are excluded!) can grow a large, full beard in a relatively short space of time.

I’ll also be discussing what measures you can take to ensure that your beard is properly taken care of during this early growing period. Right, without further a do, let’s jump in.

starting a beard

I first started becoming interested in this subject when my partner first tried to grow his beard. For most of his life (the past 40 years at least) he’s clean shaven almost every day. I thought that this daily ritual would have meant that stopping and growing out the hair on his face would be a complete breeze, and that he’d have thick facial hair in no time. Boy, was I wrong!

He found it incredibly difficult. He had to wait months and months until his hair started to fill out and cover the patches of skin on his face. In all of this there is a key lesson here – patience!

Against all odds, he had the patience to keep going and stick with it. Now he is reaping the rewards and has the beard he has always wanted, but never thought he could attain.

Now onto the management. In the early days when he was starting out, I kept nudging him to invest in products to help his beard grow healthily. He was dubious, but eventually he caved and purchased something called a starter kit for my beard.

He loves this little kit so much, and has only just finished it (it has lasted him 6 months). All it is in a miniature oil and wash, but he’s always said it’s more than enough to get anyone started and on the road to having a stellar beard. That’s my two cents folks – now go out there and grow your facial hair!