Does anyone remember when scrubs were all the rage, and people were rubbing their skin raw? I recall a fairly infamous walnut one which appeared on the scene just too late, and seemed to have a rather large hand in turning the tide away from these physical exfoliators. Paralleled only by those outraged at the unresponsible inclusion of plastic microbeads, destroying our aquatic ecosystem, this movement made way for something new.

Say hello to the chemical exfoliant. Working on a tiny chemical level to remove dead skin cells without the same damage dealing as their predecessors, they took the skincare world by storm. And admittedly for very good reason!

I always assume when these cosmetic ‘breakthroughs’ occur, the scientific community is just amazed it took us so long. AHA, or alpha hydroxy acid, isn’t some new discovery. Nor is BHA, beta hydroxy acid. Go figure. But now they’re everywhere, regardless of how good they are.

The rise of ‘skintellectuals’ also seems to have brought in skinĀ­care gatekeepers. Those who think you either know it, or are a total idiot. One product comes to mind, I won’t name names, who’s chemical exfoliation was causing reaction, left, right, and centre. But their mega fans came to the brand’s defence, hounding these customers for ‘doing it wrong’. Is it just me, or should the instructions on a protect tell you how to correctly apply a product??

Just my thoughts for today….