Understanding Market Changes

Skincare and Cosmetics are a few industries among many that have been going through an unprecedented increase in profitability over the past couple of years. When looking through these increases outside of the obvious expansions of the market there are a few other facets of the industry that seemed to have been contributing factors in its abundant growth. The expansion of the market is the obvious factor as I mentioned before but people seem to misunderstand the actual importance of this in the grand scheme of things. It wasn’t a simple matter of there now being more people to sell to, it was so much more than that.

With a larger market there was more and more risks that an aspiring entrepreneur was able to take. You could go into business either trying to outdo other products in already established markets or you could try pitching completely new products that innovated on existing standards and addressed needs that people didn’t even know that they had. Clever products for streamlining the makeup and skincare routines and new breakthrough formulas that came about through both adventurous trial and error and meticulous research which in most cases is funded by the investments of varying financial weights from people who see the profit to be made by investing in this growing industry.

Now if that all sounds like I’m trying far too hard to sell you on this industry and you are now slightly concerned about my intentions behind writing this article fear not for I merely seek to talk about these facts. It’s an amazing sight to behold, watching an industry grow to such a degree and know that it’s just going to keep growing whether we care to notice or not. I for one care to notice and I believe so should you.

Not getting left behind

Keeping up with all the different ways that the industry is changing has been a little tough lately. It seems that things are speeding up even more than they already were. What all that really means though is that I’ll be working twice as hard to keep you up to date on everything going on. Wish me luck and be on the lookout for my next article!

Will the Makeup Industry ever slow down?


The makeup industry is rapidly growing every year and it’s become a massive industry as of late. There are many factors that led to this dramatic growth over the years and some of them would shock you. There’s the advent of technology and the proliferation of small businesses that contribute to the sheer size of the industry as a whole.

One very large point of comparison as to why the industry is so much larger now is that there are just so many different options for the brand of products as well as the massive variety of the products themselves that you have to choose from. It’s become a bit easier to start your own product line in the modern world and it’s not to say that handling is a business is any easier but rather the size of the market is so vast that as long as you put the time in to develop your brand and of course have a product of decent quality then you should be able to find a moderate amount of success. That market has never been easier to access however since with online shopping virtually any product is available to you at the touch of a button and delivered right to your doorstep.

Social media is one the many different reasons for the expansions of the makeup industry. The existence of media sensations and beauty gurus advertising the products that they use and in some cases their own products that they produce themselves make for pretty good advertising. It’s not that people don’t know how to think for themselves but more that they trust these personalities and of course their opinions. These trends mentioned aren’t limited to women anymore either, there’s nothing strange about it that with the modern obsession with your physical appearance that men are getting in on the party. The makeup industry’s market would theoretically be double the demographic if we include men. Honestly products like fixateur de maquillage are starting to reach the male demographic as well. The makeup industry’s huge and it’s only going to get bigger as time passes.

New Industry Breakthroughs

Online selling trends come and go so quickly nowadays. I want to make it part of my job to keep you as well informed about all of these as best as possible.

With that in mind I’ve been working on some new articles that I think will be very well received. Please return to the site when it next suits you back, and hopefully I’ll have something new up for you!

Is Skincare the most bullish industry out there?

During economic downturn there always one thing that you can count on happening – everyday people are going to be spending less online and on the high street. It is something that is unavoidable.

Despite this, do you find it hard to believe that the makeup and skincare industry saw no such decline during the latest economic downturn suffered globally?

It might be hard to believe at first, but the more you look at it the more believable it becomes.

Fashion and beauty isn’t really something where you can hit pause. The pressure to ‘have the look’ and be cool and popular is higher than ever before and still rising.

Finally, a good portion of the makeup, skincare and fashion industry is made up by young/teenage buyers. These are people who are almost unaffected by economic downturns. They receive the pocket money, or there small wages for part time work, and they spend it how they please.

Global Skincare growth

They do not have to worry about losing large sums of money due to the depreciation in value of stocks or bonds because they simply do not have any.

Skincare, and industry that could be argued has a mature majority is also surprisingly resistant to market crashes. People need to keep up appearances after all!

One such form of skincare products that seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment is anti-aging serums, or in particular, under eye serum. These guys are selling better than ever, and the reason doesn’t seem to be blatantly obvious.

One theory is that we’re all getting less sleep than we were ten to fifteen years ago. A lack of sleep and often does have a negative effect on the appearance of bags and lines under your eyes. Serums offer a fantastic cheap and easy way to combat this, which I think explains their current popularity.

It seems as if their popularity won’t be slowing down anytime soon, as long as this digital age reigns and we continue to get insufficient sleep each night. Let’s hope it will change in time!

It’s Still Here

The trend that keeps on rising is showing absolutely no signs of abating. What started as what looked like a passing fad is well and truly here to stay.

I want to now talk about a slightly different aspect of the men’s grooming trend – and that is starting out. Some people find it incredibly difficult to make that leap and begin growing out their facial hair.

In this post I hope to assuage any of your skepticism or feelings of discontent, and prove to you that anyone (well not anyone, most women are excluded!) can grow a large, full beard in a relatively short space of time.

I’ll also be discussing what measures you can take to ensure that your beard is properly taken care of during this early growing period. Right, without further a do, let’s jump in.

starting a beard

I first started becoming interested in this subject when my partner first tried to grow his beard. For most of his life (the past 40 years at least) he’s clean shaven almost every day. I thought that this daily ritual would have meant that stopping and growing out the hair on his face would be a complete breeze, and that he’d have thick facial hair in no time. Boy, was I wrong!

He found it incredibly difficult. He had to wait months and months until his hair started to fill out and cover the patches of skin on his face. In all of this there is a key lesson here – patience!

Against all odds, he had the patience to keep going and stick with it. Now he is reaping the rewards and has the beard he has always wanted, but never thought he could attain.

Now onto the management. In the early days when he was starting out, I kept nudging him to invest in products to help his beard grow healthily. He was dubious, but eventually he caved and purchased something called a starter kit for my beard.

He loves this little kit so much, and has only just finished it (it has lasted him 6 months). All it is in a miniature oil and wash, but he’s always said it’s more than enough to get anyone started and on the road to having a stellar beard. That’s my two cents folks – now go out there and grow your facial hair!

Buying Trends in 2018

For our next post, we’ve scoured the web and collated a great deal of data. Our aim? to give you an in depth update on the current buying trends across the internet right now. Excited? so are we! It should be up in the next few days.

The Trend That Keeps on Rising

Last time I posted I touched upon what I think is one of the fastest growing trends out there – the men’s grooming niche.

Every year the general consensus seems to be the same. I hear so many people say things like ‘Oh this beard fad, it won’t last long’, or ‘My son’s started growing a beard, but I bet you he’ll shave it off within the year’.

I’m afraid to say that I have some unsettling news for all the doubters out there….Beards are here to stay.

Many people think that this trend is a bubble, and that at some point we are destined to hit ‘peak beard’. This is not a bad theory, and is actually one that is routed in science.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that one of the main contributing factors that is driving this rise in beard growth is how men want to appear to opposite sex. In other words, how they want to make themselves standout and therefore appear more desirable to the average woman.

beard trend

When facial hair first started coming back into fashion this made a lot of sense. Back then your average man didn’t have facial hair. When one came along that did, they stood out from the crowd and where hence perceived as unique and different to women.

We have to bear in mind though, that eventually this will come full circle. At some point, so many men will be sporting facial hair, that in order to look unique and different your best chance would be being clean shaven!

Personally, I would have thought that we’d be getting close to that moment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Buying trends for beard related products seem to be rising each and every year, and at quite an exceptional rate.

I thought leading up to this Christmas that my nephew may ask for something different, but lo and behold he’s asked for another grooming product. This time he’s asked for some scented beard conditioning oil. Like I have a pretty reputable brand in mind, and getting my hands on some will be fairly straight forward.

So in conclusion, I am of the opinion that this trend is well and truly here to stay. Let me know if you think otherwise.